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hi there
I have a Japanese bush - cant remember what it is call the leaves go a lovely red colour - i have planted it and watered it - now the leaves have turned green - still looking healthy and up right - is this normal and does anyone know what it is called??



Can you submit a photo please

24 May, 2010


Pieris japonica? Pieris forrestii? Photinia fraserii?

24 May, 2010


Pieris japonica
Yes thts the one!!
The leaves have lost there lovely red colour - is there a reason for it??

24 May, 2010


That is the nature of the plant,and the new foliage always turns from red to green.
so you have no problem with your Pieris,but it is a shame it doesn't stay red though.Mine is green now too.Everytime you get some more new foliage,it will be red .hope this helps...

24 May, 2010


that is very helpfull!! thank you

24 May, 2010

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