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By Domino

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weeks ago my eucalyptus leaves were covered in red rashes, i cleaned them. now my tree is dying and almost dead ! (its approx 15ft high 4yrs old) the leaves are bone dry and the bark has peeled. do you know what has happened



My eucalyptus is older & about the same height Domino. It also gets red rashes on the leaves ... like rust spots ... & the bark peels every year ... I think it's supposed to.
The new growth at the top of the tree is fresh & rust-free tho'.
Does your tree have any new growth up above?

24 May, 2010


My Euchalyptus has red spots on the leaves but seems ok's fairly new so not sure what will happen...but my initial thought was that it was a sort of Euchalyptus rust!

24 May, 2010

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