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By Pita

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Strawberry help!

Last year I had a bumper crop of strawberries and would obviously like the same again this year. Someone told me that I had to set fire of my strawberry plants in order for them to grow again which seems a bit weird to me! The plants are growing again, just wondered what I should do? I always replant the runners. (Sorry if it seems like a dumb question - amaturer gardener!!)
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No not dumb. If the plants are healthy and growing well just remove any of the older leaves. feed with a good general purpose fertilizer initially then one like a tomato food as it will encourage flowers.
burning plants releases potash that encourages flowers and therefore fruits. the runners will go on to be strong plants too.

8 Mar, 2014


Oh wow, thank you for your help - thats great!
I'll be sure to photography the evidence for you this summer! Have a lovely weekend. Thank you again x

8 Mar, 2014

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