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I want to get rid of a leylandi tree and pampass grass which are next to the fence that divides our garden from our neighbors. The roots are becoming a problem for both of us. My plan was to cut them down as much as possible and use 'Deep Root Ultra' on the roots stumps but am worried this may damage any plants my neighbor has on the other side of the fence. Is this likely to happen? Also does anyone know the latest rules on leylandi trees? The neighbor at the back of us has let theirs grow out of control and they are now too high to cut safely. Thank you.



Sounds like a plan!
When I have to take out a tree in particular, I saw it off then drill holes into the stump which I pour S.B.K. into. I've never heard of Deep Root Ultra but by drilling into it you shouldn't damage the plants around it.
Pampass grass is going to be tricky. I was told to burn them but mine is under the front room window and am afraid of cracking the glass, so it has stayed.
Good luck anyway

24 May, 2010


Regarding the leylandi hedge check with your council but 6 foot is the usual height the blasted trees are allowed to grow to!

24 May, 2010


Thank you for your replies. I will give the drilling tip a go on my leylandi. We have tried burning the pampass grass before but the blasted thing grew back before we got chance to dig out the root. I am hoping this 'Deep Root Ultra' does what it says on the tin!

I'd say the neighbors leylandi trees are at least 18 foot now and have not been cut for about 3 years. They were planted by the preious owner who was not very helpful at all. When my husband politely and diplomatically (he negotiates for a living) asked her to cut them back she basically said that she would have her trees as tall as she liked and that our house wasn't built when she planted them! She obviously didn't look at the rest of the site plan before she bought her house! I'm not sure if the new tennants actually own the house or if they are renting off the previous owner. Could get tricky! We don't want any disputes recorded that could affect us selling our property in the future. I really do despise leylandi trees now, and seriously regret planting one, they don't even look nice!

24 May, 2010


the tree thats realy tall could be ilegal only if it wasnt established and tall before the new rules came out about leylandi .going to be hard to prove one way or the other i for burning pampas grass you do it a faver as its part of there life cycle . it mite be worth asking a higher orthoraty excuse my spelling .

25 May, 2010

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