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By Lubeelu

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I was sent two bare-root climbing roses for my birthday (var. Claire Austen) - they arrived in early April, one of them I planted (with lots of tender loving care in a beautifully prepared hole!) straight away as I had a spot for it, the other I just stuck in a container full of compost to keep it alive until I could figure out where to put it. Oddly enough, the one in the container is thriving just as vigorously as the one I planted in the ground! I have now ordered a rose arch and it will arrive in a couple of weeks - is it ok to plant the rose at this time of year (it's got loads of new shoots and leaves), or would it be less traumatic to the plant if I wait until late winter next year when it's dormant?



I reckon if you prepare the planting hole, and pop the rose straight in with plenty of watering for the season, it should thrive, Lubeelu. After all, you get roses in containers and plant them at any time, don't you?

24 May, 2010


agree with spritz on this one, as i used to supply garden centres with roses in a past life i can say you can plant roses right through the year, just be aware of the conditions at planting time. 8)

24 May, 2010


Bare root-roses can be planted anytime as long as the soil is not frozen or waterlogged

24 May, 2010


Great present! I am envious :D

25 May, 2010


Thanks all, that's great news - it's not often people tell you what you want to hear :)

I know Bryony - I am just hopping with impatience for a rosebud now! It's a repeat flowerer so fingers crossed I might get one this year....

25 May, 2010

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