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By Dreeny8

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have never grown Begonias before. I started off the tubers indoors, hardened them off and have planted them in semi-shade. However, I read online that they prefer an acidic soil in sun or shade and should not be watered too much etc., etc.,. Advice please.



I don't think they are as fussy as the online comments suggest. I forgot to plant a large old corm last year until late. I bunged it in the middle of a basket and it got dug in and caught up. I suppose that I can't really talk about a ground planting as I use them in baskets. They like plenty of water, they would wilt quickly on a day like yesterday. Some of my long established ground perennials were droopy yesterday and so was I and had to lie down for an hour with a fan on and a glass of water!!!!.

25 May, 2010


I agree with Doriac,and you seem to have done the right thing,as they do prefer being a bit shaded.I have not heard of them needing acid soil,and mine have always done well in ordinary potting compost.As long as you don't water the centre of the corm,as it can rot,I find normal watering is fine.

25 May, 2010


Thank-u for your replies.
I actually bought the tubers with the intention of having them in Hanging Baskets because I'd seen them growing this way... However, as they grew, although a little droopy, did not give the impression that they would trail. , When I bought them they were loose in a huge basket at the garden centre and I can't recall there being instructions on the container. I initially planted one out in a Pot with other plants early this week, hot day. Next morning it looked very unhappy, very droopy a couple of the leaves looked burnt. I quickly checked, that's when I saw the advice that they should be in semi-shade. I immediately took it out and put both of them in the ground in semi-shade, so far so good.

I was somewhat disappointed because I had seen them in Hanging Basket arrangements which normally hang in the sun.

My ears are already burning, I expect someone will tell me about different varieties, tuberous and non-tuberous. I'm just
not familiar with Begonias.


25 May, 2010


I use trailing begonias I get them as plug plants or garden ready which are a little further grown They always do well in my wall baskets and seem to handle the dry weather fairly well I find the internet the cheapest way to buy them

25 May, 2010


THANK-U, Express, I'll check that out.

25 May, 2010


Dreeny,If you want some for next year,try Wilkinson's if you have one.Mine were great,and kept them going a few years,storing the tubers over winter.You will find them very reasonable there,and you can see what you are getting...Glad yours are doing better now.

25 May, 2010

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