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Lanarkshire, United Kingdom Gb

can i grow bizzy lizzies in oblong planters and hang at a slope down railing tops thanks in advance

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If you do that, when you water or it rains, the dirt will gravitate to the bottom edge of the planter and over the lip. I would suggest putting dividers in that have several holes beneath the dirt to help keep the dirt in place. l/--/--/--l

25 May, 2010


Hi guest, The other option that i use occasionally is to get some old lengths of plastic drainpipe (recycle centre?) and drill holes as large and as many as you want, then fill with compost and plant Busy Lizzies in this. You will need to push a screw right through the bottom them wire mesh on top to help (a) keep compost in and (b) to assist drainage.I keep these nearly horizontal for a couple of weeks until plants swell to fill holes.
I have pictures but this reply does not appear to support them.

20 Jan, 2011

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