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Too late for Californian poppies?

I had a few Californian poppies which did really well in the poor soil near a hedge, but they have been trampled by the man who cut the hedge (not really his fault as there was nowhere else to stand and I can't expect him to balance on one leg holding a chainsaw!)

I have some Californian poppy seed, would it be too late to sow some now? If it's not too late should I sow direct or in modules?



you should be ok to plant the seed now , and they are quite hardy when established

25 May, 2010


Sorry, Hijuju - they aren't hardy, they're annuals which seed themselves, so once you've got them, you really have got them!!! (I suppose you could call them 'hardy annuals'!)

Sow direct, Bryony, and they should flower in the autumn.

25 May, 2010


Thanks, will do that. Late flowers would be welcome anyway.

25 May, 2010

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