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Can i grow Hibiscus bushes in Manchester. I know that some types will only grow in hotter climates but is there a similar one which i can grow. Can i buy seeds or do i have to buy a plant. Where can i get them from.




hibiscus can normally grow anywhere.I know my aunt when she lived in manchester had one and it was alright

25 May, 2010


The one you need to look for is Hibiscus syriacus. It's hardy in the UK, and you can get blue, pink and white flowered shrubs at most Garden Centres or Nurseries. They are slow growers, and the leaves are always late in appearing, but when they flower in late summer, it's worth the wait.

25 May, 2010


hi there i live in worsley in manchester and have a lovely red and white one which flowers in july and august ... hope you find one you enjoy

26 May, 2010

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