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Do camillias have to be planted in acid soil?
If so is it possible to buy special compost for growing them in a pot?



It is preferable,NanaJ..but I haven't got acid soil,so I put lots of Ericaceous compost in the planting holes first,and it's worked for me..I also have an acid loving Pieris in the same bed..I dig in more and top up every year,after they have finished flowering,and an occasional suitable liquid feed,to stop the foliage problem,they are both very healthy..and yes,a Camellia can be grown in a pot,but mine grew much better,when transplanted in the ground..hope this helps..good luck..make sure you keep it very well watered throughout the year,to get lots of buds for the following spring..

10 Mar, 2014


Thanks Bloomer, I have a bed I would like to plant it in so your method sounds perfect :)

10 Mar, 2014


We don't always have to follow the rule book,Nanaj,do we? It's all about giving a go...good luck,I'm sure it will be fine..:o)

10 Mar, 2014

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