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By Lydia

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I have about 5 acers all of which have been kept in patio pots for between 1-4 years. I have finally moved into a garden that I know I will be staying in for many years to come so I would ideally like to put them in the ground. I was wondering if anyone could give me some basic advice on how to plant them (I have a clay soil) / where best to plant them? Am I right in thinking that they should go into a sheltered part sun/shade spot? Many thanks in advance!



You are right - out of wind, part sun part shade. If, though, your Acers are palmatum varieties, they do not like limey soil, preferring a neutral to acidic ph. If you don't know your soil ph or can't test it, have a look round the neighbourhood to see if plants like Pieris, Rhododendron and Azalea are doing well in the ground. The real test is Hydrangea - if lots of blue flowered ones are growing well, then its acid, if lilacy pink then likely neutral to limey.

They would be best planted in around September, when they've got the winter to settle in without a requirement for lots of watering, so if you plant now, remember they'll need quite a lot of watering round the base at least weekly during dry spells.

10 Mar, 2014


Hi Bamboo, many thanks for getting back to me. There are in fact lots and lots of Azalea and Rhododendrons thriving in my garden - excuse my ignorance but what does that mean then?

Should I add anything to the soil when I plant them?
Thanks again

10 Mar, 2014


Oh sorry - Azalea/rhododendron hate limey soils too, so if they're healthy, then the soil is most likely acidic.

10 Mar, 2014


Ok great, many thanks!

10 Mar, 2014


The most important thing is to keep them well watered as they have quite shallow roots. I mulch mine in the summer with composted bark to help retain moisture They need some sun to keep the colour but avoid planting them in the hottest part of the garden.

10 Mar, 2014


Thanks Nannijii, that's great advice, especially the tip about mulching which I will most definitely do!

12 Mar, 2014

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