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Find a member
I've forgotten how to locate certain member in order to ask a question. Can anyone help please ?



You see the taskbar along the top. Next to it you see a search box, type their username in there and their profile should be in the list.

10 Mar, 2014


Thanks Alex, but I did and it didn't work. Maybe it's because I'm using an ipad ?

11 Mar, 2014


Maybe it is the Ipad. If you type give me their name, I can try a search on my laptop and give you the link.

11 Mar, 2014


I have a ipad and can search for username no problem.

11 Mar, 2014


Did you use the google search box on the right of the green bar at the top of this page (that also says Members, Garden pictures, etc..)?

12 Mar, 2014


Thanks guys, I'm embarrassed now. It's obviously due to my lack of skill with this ipad. I'll try again later today.

13 Mar, 2014


I did as bamboo said and found the list of members. Eventually I found Delonix but had to work through to page 21. But the way it's written he could easily be mixed up with Tarrottway.
Maybe I'm still not doing it the best way ?
The question now is - why aren't the names in alphabetical order ?
I am right thinking that Delonix is the guy who lives in San Diego ?

13 Mar, 2014


Hmm, well maybe its your Ipad, but I typed 'delonix' into the search box, the first 3 entries that came up were about the plant Delonix, and the third was Delonix's (the member) photographs - I clicked on that and then selected his profile page, took less than a minute, and yes, he is in San Diego.

13 Mar, 2014


Thanks you all. Problem solved. Totally my fault. I just lacked the patience to look properly.

14 Mar, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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