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How is it that council-planted narcissus bloom beautifully year after year although they don't get fed? Unlike mine, even when they are fed after flowering there are always some blind ones at this tim e of year. I'm not complaining really because I have planted so many that it's always a good show. I notice this year that some doubles have not done well after a few years of fab flowers. Too wet perhaps.



I have also wondered this. We have clumps everywhere where I live and they look stunning.

I have noticed residents using them as backdrops for photos of their young children round here.

10 Mar, 2014


Council workers use the daffodil beds to dispose of all the bull.... that piles up in the Council Chamber every day!

10 Mar, 2014


Well only that I had a bad day with with a hacked email a/c! So he heard my bad temper and, huge, distress as this was a work email...

I suspect that even the council planting have blind bulbs - there are just so many of them no one notices. I have noticed that all the spring bulbs are way ahead of there usual flowering up hereā€¦

10 Mar, 2014


they dont get mown down here either. they die back naturally and gardeners tend to be a bit impatient to get the summer planting in instead.

you and a bad temper. I don't believe it MG :o). Hope the hacking hasn't had any serious consequences.

10 Mar, 2014


Hi SBG yesterday was a nightmare but all seems to be sorted now...

11 Mar, 2014


Thank you Bulbaholic, that really made me laugh. My son in law works for the gardens department of a local authority. I know he will laugh when I tell him.

11 Mar, 2014


Ealing Council never cuts the grass where the daffodils are for a minimum of 8 weeks after flowering, they cut round them; this enables the bulbs to build up some food stores whilst the leaves are present.

12 Mar, 2014


I thought all gardeners let them die down naturally; I know I do. I start feeding six weeks after flowering a la Alan Titchmarch, but I'm never sure whether he meant six weeks after they start blooming or when they've finished. I take the seed pods off too.

Thank goodness you sorted out the hackng MG. I once had a panic when my bank told me that my card number was found by the police in a list of stolen debit cards. Luckily it hadn't been used.

12 Mar, 2014

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