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By Elfordo

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Ive managed to secure a rather nice greenhouse 8' x 8'. However a number of glass panes are missing mostly 24" x 24". I wondered if any of you out there know of a particularly good source where I can buy cheap 3mm thick replacement glass



Try your garden centre, they can often help. Ours does.

11 Mar, 2014


I'd have thought a glass merchant would be the place to start...

11 Mar, 2014


Travis Perkins is where mine comes from, they will cut to the size you want........

11 Mar, 2014


we go to a local glazier who has greenhouse glass. they cut it to any size you want. they even polish the edges for me so I don't cut myself. a very nice man indeed.

12 Mar, 2014


The glass supplier in Kettering keeps greenhouse glass
ready cut 24" x 24" as that is the standard size.
Enjoy your new greenhouse, they are ideal on rainy days !

12 Mar, 2014


recently in the storms i lost 8 panes glass 2ft by 2ft , i bought the glass house in b,an q, in dublin , i was going to get the glass cut in a glazier but my wife went back to b an q and the manager said there were lots people in asking for glass replacements , i got mine some weeks later for 13 euro 30cent for 6 panes glass 2by2 so bought 2pkts . should be cheaper in england. best of lucki suggest u try there first .

12 Mar, 2014

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