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Please for give me but my PH reading of 2 & @ the other end of my patch is 5 what is the difference.
How can I sort this problem out to get it to 7



I'd buy a new PH meter.
Then after testing again you may be OK.

I've never heard of such a low PH so unless your garden is being watered with conc Sulphuric Acid or you are on top of a volcano emiting sulphur gas it has to be how you are testing the soil.

11 Mar, 2014


Garden centre pH meters are notoriously unreliable. A pH of 2 in a garden is impossible and 5 highly unlikely unless you are on a peat bog.

11 Mar, 2014


Get yourself a pH soil testing kit, the ones that use chemicals. They are quite accurate, very cheap, easy to use and cost under £10 and will do up to 60 or 70 soil tests.

11 Mar, 2014


I agree with all of these members, I have a PH meter and I find it is not any use at all as it gives off different readings everytime you put it in the same place in the garden, the best is as Myron says get a Ph soil testing kit

12 Mar, 2014

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