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will our cordyline survive recent severe frost

Asked from the GoYpedia cordylines page



Mine didn't ... it was quite large with a thick stem but it got badly frosted after some wet weather. Another gardener on GoY told me the frost turns the water into crystals & they expand, killing the plant. Tell tale signs are leaves falling or easily pulled off & the stem rotting.
If yours looks normal & healthy you have got away with it! If I get another one I'm going to cover it up in the frosts.

25 May, 2010


Everyone I know who had a Cordyline lost it due to frost last winter.
I was told it was the top question on this site.

25 May, 2010


Mine was quite old Linda & had survived every other frost for several years but last winter was a nightmare. It's left a huge space too & I've lost the height it gave! We live & learn...good old GoY!!

25 May, 2010


Mine managed to survive...just! I pulled off the old brown dead leaves at the bottom and although it looks a bit like "Bart Simpsosn head" at the moment, I think it will survive.

26 May, 2010


Got 2 in my garden,they survived 8 winters including last one which was quite bad.

26 May, 2010

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