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Could anyone please help, my honysuckle has developed a white powdery mildew on it's leaves that are now falling. You can see that earlier in the year it was very healthy in the photos on my homepage. What is causing this rapid deterioration?



warmth and humidty. typical at this time of year. you can get a fungicide to spray on your plant. a more open structure that lets air circulate will also help reduce infection. collect all the fallen leaves and burn or put in the household rubbish. dont compost the leaves as you will only keep the fungal spores for next season.

25 May, 2010


Thanks Seaburngirl, thats a great help. I have another honeysuckle on the other side of the garden, is there danger of it spreading?

25 May, 2010


theoretically yes. but if you spray them too as a preventitive measure.

25 May, 2010

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