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I would like to plant bare root beech hedging in our garden but have read beech doesn't like cold spots. We are in a street which can be prone to heavy frosts in the winter as we have woodland behind us/don't get much sun in the winter. Does this mean we shouldn't plant beech or is it just in constantly cold climates?



We have a beech hedge on a cold site and it is hardy as anything. whilst establishing it may be more prone to frost damage but this one of ours sailed through the really bad winters 2/3 yrs ago.

12 Mar, 2014


I lost a lot of money planting Beech Hedging on clay soil.
Only 4 grew out of 60 plants.
Then Monty said it was wrong.
Dont know if it was because this soil is cold.

12 Mar, 2014


We set beech hedging about 4 years ago, it withstood those -15 temperatures when very young, its really romped away and we get lots of frost normal winters. On clay too but we did add compost when setting and well rotted manure. Just 50cm whips when planted, bare root.

If you are thinking of planting bare rooted, you are towards the recommended time of year for planting.

12 Mar, 2014


Hornbeam deals with clay soils better than beech

12 Mar, 2014


Also, the younger the plant the better it will take to conditions slightly outside its norm, so if there's a choice between eg 2yr old and 3yr, or different specified heights, the younger plants may be the better option long term.

13 Mar, 2014

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