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Ash tree disease / death

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Hi, We've three Ash trees in our garden which have been fine for the past 5 years, but this year appeared to have died. All the other plants in the border are fine, but one of our neighbours trees has also died. Is this likely caused by a disease and what action do we need to take? Thanks.



How big were the trees? Trees do not die quickly, they can linger on for many years, so have there been any signs before? Check out Ash Heart rot!

13 Jul, 2008


The trees are about 6/7 feet tall, and had leaf last year. Noticed this year that there were buds forming but these did not come out. When I break a small branch it snaps easily but there is some green just under the bark. It seems odd to us that all 3 have not had leaves this year, and a neighbours tree (not sure what variety) has not come into leaf either, but all smaller plants alongside are OK. Do you think we need to get a tree surgeon in? Thanks very much for your help.

13 Jul, 2008


Sounds as if professional advice might be needed if your neighbour has the same problem. I haven't heard of any bugs or viruses that affect Ash trees - only Elm, Oak and Horse Chestnut. (ONLY!!!! - what next)?

13 Jul, 2008


Must admit that seems very odd. I was wondering if it was lack of water or too much, but drought /waterlogging does not prevent leaf formation, only causing damage to existing leaves. There have been a lot of problems this year with bigger established trees of all kinds, caused by last years weather, not this. Agree, find a professional!

15 Jul, 2008

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