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how to grow potatoes in bags



Put roughly 6 inches or soil or compost in the bag. Place the chitted potatoes on top, growth pointing upwards and cover with soil about another 6 inches. When you see shoots/leaves poking through earth up i.e. cover with soil/ compost and keep doing this until the leaves reach the top of the bag. You need to water regulary so the tubers/ potatoes swell

26 May, 2010


Do you mean potato bags or grow bags Doris potty?

26 May, 2010


Thank you Great for your answer to my question.You've given me a good explanation about what to do and i shall be having a go at growing potatoes this year.

27 May, 2010


Hijuju thank you for responding to my question.I was asking about potato bags

27 May, 2010


phew I was a little worried there for a moment when Hijuju said grow bags I just assumed you meant potatoe bags. Im so glad you did, otherwise I would have had to re do my answer lol

27 May, 2010

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