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I have a large bag of Miracle-Gro Multipurpose compost. Would it be all right to use it for the final planting of my tomatoes (I use pots)?



Can't see why not, I grow mine in the same thing and they do well, don't forget to feed them when the first flowers show :)

13 Mar, 2014


Im not too pleased with my Miracle Gro compost, there's a lot of twig and quite thick branch pieces along with hard solid lumps.....not what I expected from them.

13 Mar, 2014


Hi, the nutrients in multi purpose compost only last for about 6 weeks, after this time you will need to feed them, but only start feeding when the first truss has set fruit, not when the flowers first show, and they're greedy plants, I find that if you can grow them in the greenhouse border, which has had plenty of home made compost, and well rotted manure added, they don't need as much feeding, only about once a fortnight, in pots it will probably be at every other watering, Derek.

13 Mar, 2014


Many thanks for your kind replies. I will try the Miracle Gro this year and see how it goes.

14 Mar, 2014

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