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By Sjw

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Last year I had several pots of crocuses and daffodils, they all flowered well. However this year the crocuses had no flowers at all and the daffodils have some but fewer. Is it because I left them in same pots, do I need to replace compost every year. If a bulb comes up blind whether in a pot or the ground, if moved and replanted will it flower the following year.



Its a good idea to feed bulbs when they have finished flowering so as to build them up for the following year. Feed them this year and they will probably flower next. Coming up blind can be because the bulb exhausted itself this year or sometimes eg with daffodils it can be because the clump needs splitting. Left unfed in the same compost they will eventually exhaust the soil. So the answers are, Yes and Probably.

15 Mar, 2014

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