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I have discovered in a garden trough ,millions of minute white crawly things, two of the troughs have the soil infested with them. They are tiny white caterpillar like things ,with legs and antenae, I have looked through garening books but cannot find out what they are.The compost will obviously need to be got rid of but I would like to know what the creatures are.



How minute is minute?
Fungus gnats start off as tiny (2mm) worm like things.

15 Mar, 2014


I suspect spring tails. legs and antenna, lots of them and minute sort of fits the bill and probably too hard to photo clearly. that was my first thought anyway.
They are insects that feed on dead matter so they probably wont be a problem for healthy plants. I often find them in the compost bin and old pots and tend to just put the spent compost onto the garden borders. the birds eat what they like then.

15 Mar, 2014

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