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How to separate Agapanthus?


By Carolyn

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have two tall square pots of agapanthus (white superior), which have become pot bound, is there a way I should separate and pot them up ?

On plant Agapanthus



Agapanthus always seems happiest when it is pot bound! Only needs to be repotted when its roots appear to be pushing the plant out of the pot.Best time to split is Spring, although the growing season is ok. Not during Winter though! Just split it into two or three or more depending on size.Just pull it or slice it apart. It will thrive.

26 Oct, 2007


Received wisdom is that Agapanthus flower better when their roots are resticted! I know that they resent being moved, and sulk, so repotting might be risky. My neighbour has some in an ancient stone trough, she has never split them and they've been there flowering happily for years! My own plants are all in the borders, so I'm only advising second-hand, so to speak... Sorry for rather an incomplete answer.

26 Oct, 2007


I have split them (two pots) into four now, took a bit of effort, wait and see if they grow this year again. Hope so. I did have to break on of the pots, one of thes tall square types, but it was a freeby anyway so not so bad, it was solid route would never have got out otherwise.


2 Mar, 2008

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