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whats the best way to get rid of black spot on roses



I would remove all said leaves and spray with rose clear. I dont know of a organic remedy bit I am sure someone or here will

27 May, 2010


thanks for the reply ...I tried a fungal spray last year (climbing rose is just 4 years old now) seem to clear it up a bit ...the leaves came back ok this year for the first couple of weeks then the black spot was back and its pretty bad now rose clear a brand name?

thanks chris

27 May, 2010


great sorry for flagging your reply on here and didnt realise what i was doing
send apologies to monitor

27 May, 2010


Thanks!!!!! lol, guess we all have to learn. Yes Rose clear is a brand name you get it in all gardening stores

27 May, 2010


almost forgot welcome to GOY

27 May, 2010


Thanks Peter for your continued concern to make life easy for us. This site is definitely one that I keep until last every day in order to savour it knowing that it will provide relaxation and much pleasure thanks to you and all the lovely members.

27 May, 2010


Spray them on and under the leaves as per instructions as one spray will not control it, clear all debris from around them and remove any infected leaves.

27 May, 2010


you really need to spray the leaves from the time they first emerge, and carry on spraying as needed (usually every week or fortnight), there is no cure for it, only a preventative.

27 May, 2010


my miniatures seem constantly blighted by black spot so many thanks for all this advice and hope to crack it this summer. I do spray with rose clear but it seems not often enough. my rambler keeps getting mildew though it it beautifully clear at the moment. I suppose the answer is the same - keep spraying every week or is there some other remedy?

28 May, 2010

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