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Which would be the ideal compost to use when planting a laurel hedge?



The trouble with the word 'compost' is its non specific, but I don't think you mean potting compost. Therefore, on the assumption you're planting your hedge in the ground, dig over the area and incorporate some humus rich material - garden compost, or well rotted animal manure compost - you can buy the latter at the garden centre.

15 Mar, 2014


To be honest, would you really need anything ? handfull of growmore per plant should usually suffice with Laurel

15 Mar, 2014


Possibly not, Badfish, specially if the soil to be planted is in good nick, but otherwise it's always a good idea to dig over and improve the soil before planting something permanent and long term such as a hedge, it's the only time you'll ever do it. Growmore only feeds the plant, does nowt for the soil, and the soil is more important for the plant long term.

15 Mar, 2014


Hi, I wouldn't be planting a laurel hedge in the first place! there are many far better choices for a hedge, Derek.

15 Mar, 2014


My first thought too, Derek. They grow into such monsters!

15 Mar, 2014


Hi Feverfew, don't they just, turn your back for 5 minutes, and they're 10 ft tall, lol, Derek.

16 Mar, 2014

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