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I have come to the conclusion that my begonia corms are dead. They have failed to come into life despite trying to keep them damp and warm but must admit for the past few weeks they have been outside in the plastic shelter. a friend said try breaking them but they seem solid enough and I have gently tried. I did read that I should have let them die down completely but I may have cut the tops off too soon. Could this be the reason? Surely they should have sprouted by now as they have been damp for a couple of months.



I had a bag given to me as a present but 2 failed to shoot at all and the others are very slow be interesting to see if anyone else has problems

28 May, 2010


I purchased twelve corms a few months back and put them in their container in the greenhouse, they are just poking through,just !!! Be patient, they might still come and it has not been that warm for them has it? Keep them on the dryer side of damp in case they rot! I am sure you are the same as me, I do not like to give up.

28 May, 2010


I have a couple on my balcony. They have been in the same containers for the last 2/3 years. Last year when they finally came up they flowered very nicely & for a long time, too. ;-) I had forgotten where they were as I forgot to take them out in the autumn!

Today I planted some Lobelias in one of the troughs where there are/were several Begonias last year & that have spent all winter in there. I touched one while I was making the hole for the Lobelia! I didn't investigate it further as I didn't want to disturb it, but the corm felt very firm! With a bit of luck it will start growing shortly as it will get more water from the watering of the Lobelia.

29 May, 2010


No sign yet. I discovered I had put one in the garden, (or forgot to dig it up) yesterday and noticed there were fine roots coming out near the crown so I put a bit more earth on it, leaving the top exposed. Although the whole corms seem heavy and solid I did feel a bit of spongyness at the place where the stem had been cut off, on my very large ones, which worries me. Will let you know as soon as I see any life

30 May, 2010

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