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Long tail tit. I'm so excited because i have spotted for the second day running a pair of long tail tits in my garden. I think they are the most adorable garden bird and don't see them very often. Has anyone had a pair nesting in their garden? If so could you advise me how they nest and what they like eating? Thanks



well done they are gorgeous.
they made a nest between close knit branches in my camellia 3 yrs ago. It was deeply hidden, mossy and with small twigs and lots of cobwebs. about the size of a tennis ball.
We often have 6 flying together and feeding on seeds and insects in the garden.

16 Mar, 2014


Thanks for that. Have lots of moss in my lawn at mo so might put some in tree for easy access. Would love them to nest in my garden so i'd better make it look super inviting with food and nesting on offer! Nothing less but five star!!!! Lol

16 Mar, 2014


Fluffy ping pong balls on lolly sticks !!!!!!

Got a lovely group at work, they are adorable little things

16 Mar, 2014


We have scrub and woodland at the back of our tiny, paved courtyard (rented house, not my doing) and there is a gap in the hedge just the right size for the bird feeder pole, and there are more feeders in the big hedge.

From the start it has only been tits and robins feeding here and we have a large flock of long-tailed tits amongst them.

I have counted at least 10 at any one time on the feeders and they seem happy to take more or less anything but in particular fat balls and those suet cakes with berries or worms in....

They are very sociable birds and don't seem bothered by us peering at them through the back door although it is no more than 8 feet away.

16 Mar, 2014


Google Wikipedia long tailed tits you will get all the information you need there. good luck.

16 Mar, 2014


How lovely A. Yes, we had them nesting last year . . . well buried in the hedge farthest from the house. We were so lucky to see ten little babies squashed all in a row, and saw them fledge! Fat balls are a favourite, but they seem to like our sunflower seeds too.

16 Mar, 2014

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