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Removing a berberis hedge.
I'm just about to alter an area of my garden, and this has to include removing a 16 ft length of berberis hedge.
Apart from extremely tough clothing, gloves and protective eyewear, does anyone have helpful hints and tips about doing this ?
I'm not looking forward to it, but needs must.
It is around 5 ft tall and very, very wide. Not pruned to a pretty shape, but has long branching spiky growth.



I would take the long handled loppers to it first and remove the branches. You can then get on and dig out the roots in relative comfort!

16 Mar, 2014


That makes sense Bulbaholic.
Any tips on the safest way to dispose of the jaggy stuff?
We don't have a kerbside 'green' collection.
Do you know if the spikes become less dangerous if I was to pile the cut stuff and let it die?

16 Mar, 2014


they don't get less sharp sadly. but leave yourself some main stems about 2ft long to help with levering the roots out.
can you shred them? safe when slightly green as they are less brittle. or pile them let them dry then set fire to them .[if your bylaws allow]

16 Mar, 2014


Or find a motorist friend with a car trailer and take them to the local refuse disposal site. The sooner you are rid of them the better.

16 Mar, 2014


I agree Bulba. I was going to suggest looking in the small ads for a Man With a Van. You'll have to pay trade price at the tip but it would be worth it. We have had a lot of blackthorn branches to dispose of recently and it is a nightmare. We only had about 8 feet but it was very tall.
We found the trouble with trying to burn spiky stuff like that is actually handling it on the fire. And as it will probably be too green to burn straight away you'll have the heap hanging around for a while until it dries.Best of luck anyway.

16 Mar, 2014


Thanks very much everyone.
Best buy lots of sticky plasters before I begin.

16 Mar, 2014


Do check for birds' nests as these shrubs provide ideal protection. If it were mine I'd wait until July or August when the nesting season is more or less over.

17 Mar, 2014


nesting hasnt started where I am yet. so hedge trimming done last weekend by OH.

18 Mar, 2014

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