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I have had this plant for many years but it has not flowered. The original plant was growing in a conservatory and had the most wonderful flower and scent.
How can I get it to replicate the one I saw all those years ago?
Thanks to all the knowledgeable people who replied. Some great advice and at least I now know the name.Thanks once again........:-)




I'm not at all sure what the plant is, so can't be specific, but if you are growing it as a houseplant, that is, not in a conservatory, the conditions in the house are obviously not conducive to flowering. Conservatories are usually sunnier, with much more light, and if heated in winter, the light levels and heat will produce better results on some more tropical flowering plants. A house plant receives much less light year round, and usually the air is dry in winter.

17 Mar, 2014


I've got one of these! It's about 30 years old! I don't know the name for sure but a friend says it is a hoya.. Mine flowered for a couple of years but hasn't done so since but trails elegantly around the room. I keep threatening to ditch it but maybe I should move it to a lighter position insread. I had assumed it was a jungle plant, used to deep shade!

17 Mar, 2014


Ah, in that case, it must be Hoya carnosa, I've only ever seen Hoya bella. Here's the instructions from my house plant book: Average warmth, keep cool in winter (50-55degF); bright light, some direct sun is beneficial; water liberally from spring to autumn, sparingly in winter; mist leaves regularly, but not when plant is in bloom. Repot, if necessary in spring. Says it reaches 15 feet or more, and stems must be trained on wires, trellis or a moss stick.

Otherwise, it says 3 do nots: do not repot until it is unavoidable; do not disturb the plants once flower buds appear and do not remove the dead flowers.

50-55 deg F in winter would be impossible in the average living room...

18 Mar, 2014


Thanks Bamboo! That explains why mine hasn't flowered in about 28 years--it's not happy, poor thing! I'll repot it and find it a better home, maybe in my leanto! I do remember that the flowers dripped sticky droplets....!

19 Mar, 2014


So do Hoya bella flowers - the droplets are 'nectar' and taste sweet, is edible, not sure but assume it probably is on H. carnosa too.

21 Mar, 2014


Thanks to all who replied.
I now know the name of my plant and some very useful advice.
Will do a little research now I have a name.
Thanks everyone, brilliant.......:-)

21 Mar, 2014

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