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By Lydia

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hello can anyone tell me if this is a honeysuckle? It is very scented and to know the exact name would be even better?!




Looks more like Clematis - possibly armandii - to me

18 Mar, 2014


Deffinatley armandii. Its evergreen Lydia, i love the leave's on this as well, i have one growing along my shed, im hoping in time it will cover it! Only thing is, its in a pot..

18 Mar, 2014


That's great, thank you both! I'm looking for something to cover an ugly concrete wall - I saw this in a friends garden and was hoping it would be perfect for the job!

18 Mar, 2014


i agree a clematis.

18 Mar, 2014


If it likes the conditions it will do well. Young clematis sometimes need a bit of cosseting but armandii is great when it's established itself.

Will do best against a warm sunny wall but keep the roots cool under stones or slates.

18 Mar, 2014


That's great thanks all, great tip on the stones over the roots Urbanite thanks!

19 Mar, 2014

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