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I have just moved a fuschia and damaged the roots will it survive?



Hi Debsalison and welcome to GoY. Depends on just how badly you have damaged the roots. Keep well watered over the next few months and cross your fingers. The best time to transplant is late autumn when the sap has gone down, by now it will be up again creating an added stress to the shrub.

18 Mar, 2014


should be okay. if the root has a jagged or ripped cut then the thing to do is is to make it a clean cut. when you re-plant give it a really good soak so that there are no air pockets

18 Mar, 2014


I'd be optimistic. Its just getting ready for a big growth spurt. There's nothing to lose anyway. But if there are any branches with bursting buds why not cut off one or two and put them in water - there's a chance they might grow shoots long enough to take cuttings from just in case - its a long shot but just about possible. May the force be with you!

18 Mar, 2014


In fact prune back all the top growth so the fuchsia can focus on growing new roots.

18 Mar, 2014


I would still not be pruning top growth yes for free of frosts .

As this gives added protection

19 Mar, 2014


Depends where she lives in the UK really, we've barely had any frost in Moray.

19 Mar, 2014


Thanks everyone, I will keep you up to date, I hope I dont loose it as had it years and its been moved twice already.

20 Mar, 2014

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