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Hi, I had to replant 2 green bamboo across to the other side of the garden, and both were fine for 2-3 weeks. However, the one on the right (see picture) seems to have dried out, but the left one is fine.

The leaves are dry and crispy, and I'm not sure why this has happened to just the one bamboo. We had a small tree in the same spot, and that dried out too. Could there be something wrong with the soil, or do I need to water it more (currently water it once every 3 days or so).




Hi, welcome to GoY, if you had a tree in the same position as the 1 that has dried out, you probably need to be watering a lot more, the tree roots will have gone fairly deep, and taken moisture out of the soil to a greater depth, so will need a lot more water, what you're giving it ,will probably only be penetrating a couple of inches at most, try giving it a couple of gallons, 2 or 3 times a day, you can't overwater plants in the ground, unless you're flooded, Derek.

19 Mar, 2014


Ok thanks, will get watering!

19 Mar, 2014

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