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I have a lovely New Zealand Fern where each year the fronds unfurl from the centre (up to 10 each year). This year I can feel a great amount again but as yet they have not started to open from inside the trunk, I am sure in the past that it was much further on than it is now. I did cover it in the winter and it looks healthy enough. Have I done something wrong, could it be dead, what can I do to help?




Not much, its a result of the very cool weather conditions we've had throughout most of May. Just give it time, lots of plants are late this year, and a lot of those that came out during April got nipped by frost anyway.

28 May, 2010


dont worry nature has its way with dealing with this . if it isnt broken dont try and fix it .

29 May, 2010


Many thanks to Noseypotter and Bamboo.

I will watch with interest and hope my my fern flourishes!

29 May, 2010


posative thinking always helps my fern has only one frond and did have for ages but ive just noticed another one unferling .wear theres life theres a chance . ill keep my fingers crossed for you . take care bye for now xx .

29 May, 2010

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