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Could I have a list of easy to care for and long flowering house plants please?



That's a very big 'ask', and there are quite a few...however, we'd need to know what conditions you have to grow your plants in.

May I respectfully suggest that you buy a Dr. Hessayon book on indoor plants? That will give you both the list you want, and the conditions the plants require to thrive.

20 Mar, 2014


That would be perfect, Thank you.

20 Mar, 2014


Catty, you could always borrow a book on houseplants from the Library ... then list the ones you would like.

20 Mar, 2014


And of course you must have a Orchid

20 Mar, 2014


I agree to Hessayon.....and orchids, I prefer the smaller ones, more room when the orchid bug bites :0)

20 Mar, 2014


I cut my dead 5 day old £8 Orchid down to 2", keeping
it at about 19 deg.C. the pot standing in shallow rain water to keep the roots damp.
No sign of life yet. The roots are still visible through the see through pot, will give it 3 months.
Waste of money I say.
Very annoying.

20 Mar, 2014


thank you all, orchid was on my list not sure on what one yet will have to have a look into it.

20 Mar, 2014


Diane, you shouldn't leave orchids standing in water. Using the proper orchid pots - which allow excess water to drain below the plastic pot - provides humidity without the roots being in water.
If a plant died within a week you could take it back - cut flowers last a week so it is reasonable to expect a pot plant to last longer so long as you can show that you looked after it.

Orchids are so commonplace now that they're in most supermarkets under £10 so won't break the bank. Select one with plenty of buds and you could have flowers for 3-4 months.
You could also look at pot plants with interesting foliage - Spider Plants are a safe bet for year round colour/interest.

21 Mar, 2014

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