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How often do you water seeds (flower seeds) in the first 14 days of sowing them in a heated green house



Hi, that is quite a complicated question, first of all have they germinated? i so you need to keep the soil moist, but not wet, with good circulation of air to prevent damping off, if you watered them when you sowed the seed and put them in a propagator, they shouldn't need any more until they germinate, if you didn't use a propagator, give them a light spray just to keep them moist, Derek.

20 Mar, 2014


I never let mine dry out, so water as and when required.

20 Mar, 2014


Same here, depends on so many variables.....if I'm not sure I touch the soil

21 Mar, 2014


If the tray looks dry , I would pop it into a shallow tray of water and let it soak up from the bottom, I wouldn`t water from the top,

22 Mar, 2014

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