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How do I get my Lampranthus spectabilis to flower?


By Val

United Kingdom Gb

Hi - I have one of these plants whcih has grown madly over ground and wall. It is a mass of leaves but after 2 years we haven't had one flower yet. It is obviously thriving in hot dry conditions, what else should I be doing?

On plant Lampranthus spectabilis



It loves the heat, and does great as a desert plant. It requires little maintenance, but produces lots of color, making it ideal for both the novice and experienced gardner.
Propagation is done by cuttings or by seeds. If using seeds, they need to germinate at 60f. If choosing to use a cutting, a 5 or 6 inch shoot planted in sandy soil will allow the roots to take hold quickly. Be mindful about removing any leaves off the bottom. They take food from the roots, and we want the roots to get a lot of food at this stage. Gardening is a patient art, and lampranthus is no stranger to this. Remember it takes time for plants to fully express themselves! Given time ice plant will produce a pretty ground cover for your garden.
The first blooming of the season, generally in May through June, produces the best blooms of the year! Strong, dense and colorful, these will last about 5 to 6 weeks. When the blooming is over, aggressively cut back the lampranthus as this will allow for the plant to strengthen, and to produce another bloom later in the summer.
This plant will need to rest in the winter, and will hibernate once the cooler months arrive. Cutting off the summer growth for the long nap will help your ice plant to thrive and to bloom beautifully in the coming spring, rewarding you happily for your work and your patience.

14 Jul, 2008

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