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Hi. I'm trying to purchase a dome like smallish front garden tree which as reddish green leaves and large furry cone shape buds on the end of the branches. Its an all year hardy plant. i've included a pic
ture i got from someones garden.

John from leicester




Hi Rhus typhina maybe :)

21 Mar, 2014


Hi John and welcome to GoY. Hopefully someone will have the answer to your question but it is possible that none of us know. We are simply a bunch a keen amateur and professional gardeners. Is this 'tree' deciduous or coniferous?

21 Mar, 2014 have them

21 Mar, 2014


If it is the rhus you should know it sends out runners and comes up in other places in the lawn.You can mow them off but its as well to know.But it grows higher than 5 feet.

21 Mar, 2014


That's what I thought!

21 Mar, 2014


Hi i hav
e upda
ted my file with a picture
that i took yesterday

23 Mar, 2014


Yes it is rhus all of the comments above apply :)

23 Mar, 2014


Much too big for a small front garden in my opinion.

23 Mar, 2014

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