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Hi team we burn a smokeless fuel(homefire) in our open fire are the ashes suitable for use in the garden.

Mrs P Quinn ( Liverpool)



Hi Edielula and welcome to GoY. No the ashes from your fire are not suitable for putting on the garden, only wood ash should be used. The ash from smokeless fuel contains trace elements (lead, copper, cadmium etc) that are concentrated in the ash which you really don't want to add it to your garden soil.

23 Mar, 2014


Hmm, I'm not sure - Homefire is a compressed log, made of recycled wood waste, so in theory, the ash should be fine. The trouble is, I know the paper wrap is impregnated with lighter fuel, and I'm not sure the log itself isn't also tainted with it, and I'm not at all certain what the ash would contain. It might be worth contacting the manufacturers, but otherwise I'd play safe and dispose of it away from the soil.
These things are brilliant when you want to have a fire quickly, I love 'em, but it does say on the blurb that they are not suitable for use in 'smoke free' areas. Which presumably means we shouldn't be using them in London....oh dear...

23 Mar, 2014


I think thats a different product Bamboo, our homefire is a compressed smokeless coal substitute, comes in 20k yellow bags , we use on the solid fuel cooker

23 Mar, 2014


We use a product called Surefire which is compressed coal slack and I am sure that Mrs Quinn's smokless fuel will be similar.

23 Mar, 2014

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