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We have 2 cordolines with lots of new shoots at base what do we need to do ?



f look you want. if you want single specimens then cut them off as close to base as possible. you can pot them up in a gritty compost and have free plants.

or if you want it to look like a large clump then just leave them alone.

23 Mar, 2014


First, check the whole of the trunk, right to the top if you can - sometimes, when growth arrives right at the base, its a sign that there's some problem further up the trunk - maybe its got damaged by winter frost. You're looking for soft areas, weeping areas or parts where the bark is missing. If you find anything that's weeping or smelly, cut them down to where the new growth is, at an angle so rain can run off.

If nothing is wrong, you can try to pot them up, but you will need to try to get some root with them when you cut them off or they just die. Otherwise, just cut them off and bin them if you don't like the appearance of all that growth at the base.

23 Mar, 2014



23 Mar, 2014

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