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Can anyone identify?


By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know this plant - latin and common name if known. Thanks in advance!





14 Jul, 2008


Certainly an Oxalis, which one is another matter. If it had tiny yellow flowers then it could be O cornuta, a terrrible weed. If it has reasonable sized pink flowers then it could be O. triangularis purpurea (not sure what its name is now, they have been changing them recently).

14 Jul, 2008


Woodsorrell, if you want the common name.

14 Jul, 2008


Wood Sorrel is Oxalis acetosella and has white/pale pink flowers.

15 Jul, 2008


I was thinking of Creeping woodsorrell, Oxalis corniculata atropurpurea, which has purplish foliage and yellow flowers. There are sooo many oxalis varieties...... Sorry!

15 Jul, 2008


Now that is also called Bermudan Buttercup which is really odd as it neither comes from Bermuda nor is it a buttercup!

15 Jul, 2008


Thanks very much for your help.

16 Jul, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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