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By Tjp1965

Florida, United States Us

What kind of tree produces these? It is a tree about 12 ft high and its growing in melbourne, florida and the flowers are tiny. There is no smell or thorns. Thank you all for your responses, they are much appreciated. The seed pods hang in a bunch like grapes.





23 Mar, 2014


Don't think so, because of that little indentation at the end of each leaflet?

23 Mar, 2014


If no one can identify this, more info please - where is this tree growing? Is it actually a tree or a large shrub? How tall is it? Is it evergreen? Any thorns on the branches? What colour is the bark and is it ridged or peeling? Any scent from the leaves? Any idea what the flowers are like?

24 Mar, 2014


Something is saying "Acacia" to me but that would generally have a peapod type of fruit - really difficult without any indication as to what part of the world this is from or the size of the leaves and fruits as well as Bamboo's questions about thorns, flowers, etc.

24 Mar, 2014

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