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Choisya Sundance - this is a mature shrub and has been trouble free until now. The leaves have turned from a glossy green to a sickly yellow and most of the shrub is affected. Is this wind damage or could it be a disease? It was one of the first things I planted after moving here so I'll be gutted if it's dying..!!



Any chance of a photo, Jj? Choisya Sundance is supposed to have yellow leaves, of course, but they shouldn't look 'sickly'. How long have you had it?

23 Mar, 2014


Will take one and post it on page. have had it for about 15years.

23 Mar, 2014


If yours was green, it's not the variety Sundance, its just Choisya ternata.

I note you're in Somerset - have you had flooding where you are, or has the soil been totally waterlogged during the winter? These shrubs do not like very wet 'feet', particularly in winter. Otherwise, is there any evidence of pest infestation on the leaves?

23 Mar, 2014


Thank you Bamboo and Sheilabub - Yes you're right about it being ternata - no flooding in the garden but soil has been very wet. No sign of pests. It is in a south facing garden but in firing line of SWesterly winds which have been ferocious.

23 Mar, 2014


For some reason I have had no success in uploading a photo - will keep on trying.!!

23 Mar, 2014

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