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I bought 2 Thalictrum delavayi from the (usually reliable) Cotswold Garden Flowers website (Bob Brown's) . . . should the 'sticks' in the pots be showing green shoots by now? I've not grown them before, and wouldn't want to complain if this is normal!



Should be ok,I moved one in the garden today and although nothing above ground,the green growing tip was just below the surface.

23 Mar, 2014


Mine aren't showing yet and CGF is very reliable in my experience. So no worries yet.

23 Mar, 2014


No mine aren't showing yet either.

23 Mar, 2014


Mine are all showing young leaves now but they are established plants.

23 Mar, 2014


That's very reassuring . . thank you Dgw, Seaburn, Simbad and Jaykaty very much. I'll be patient.

23 Mar, 2014

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