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Help. Thought I had a reasonable knowledge of plants but this one escapes me. Any ideas??

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Looks like Weigela florida.

24 Mar, 2014


Unfortunately, the second picture, the close up of the flowers, is blurry, so its hard to tell how many petals there are, but I think its five. I also can't see the typical cluster of stamens in the middle, not enough detail, but I reckon this is a Deutzia of some description, something like D. 'Strawberry Fields'.

24 Mar, 2014


Would've said Deutzia of some kind too

24 Mar, 2014


Thanks everyone for your help. I have three weigelas and the leaves look different somehow. Thats what stumped me.
Will investigate the deutzia line and put a better picture on here and hopefully that will help!!
Just a bit of extra info.
Shrub is approx 7' tall x 2' wide
Flowers are pink/reddish with yellow centres.
C'mon sherlocks, dr.watson's in trouble. Haha

25 Mar, 2014

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