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How do i create a ball of flowers from my chrysanthemum?

We were given one potted plant 2 years ago now. I took cuttings last year and now have several lovely plants . The original plant had no label, all i know is that it has the smaller daisy type flowers. Do i have to stop it several times to create the mass of flowers that the parent plant had? It is an indoor variety and flowers in about oct - nov time. I have potted them into john innes no 3, is this correct?

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By stop, do you mean pinching out?

29 May, 2010


Sorry Weeding, yes i do.

29 May, 2010


each time you pinch out the top of a stem two more shoots will grow, therefore to keep pinching them will result in many more flowers but smaller. The opposite (taking out all sideshoots on a Chrysanthemum stem and leaving just one bud on the top of the plant) results in one large bloom. For the novice a sideshoot is the small growth growing from the axle of the main stem and the leaf. I hope this helps you.tiger 1234

29 May, 2010


Thanks for the advice Vileve. How many times should i pinch out? The parent plant was quite compact. Will the new plants grow too leggy if i don't do this enough?

30 May, 2010

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