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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Frogs spawn in our small pond about 3 days ago . 1 month earlier than last year . Hope the frosts don't destroy



Same here Pam, mind you the fish will eat the spawn in our fishpond, they do every year but we always get plenty in our bottom pond...........

24 Mar, 2014


I wouldn't worry too much. Frogspawn can even survive in a pond that's frozen over as long as the spawns doesn't touch the ice.

I think it's highly unlikely that water will freeze over from now, so all should be ok for the little mites.

If you're still concerned for them then I would put some in a bucket of water and transfer them to a slightly warmer place. Make sure that you use the same water that they are in as they don't like to be moved into a different living environment. This could also cause them to die from disease.

24 Mar, 2014


A pair of mallards usually see to ours!

25 Mar, 2014


My frogs usually spawn 1st week in march. This year, they've been spawning since the first week in Febuary and are still spawning. There are fairly large tadpoles swimming past newly laid spawn earlier today !!!!!

25 Mar, 2014


Thanks for interesting replys. Last year we had daily 2 Mallard ducks in the garden , and had to put a "husband made " net frame over the pond , as they were always trying to get in it . Now we know why eat frogs spawn .

25 Mar, 2014


Frogspawn appeared in my pond in mid Feb and now there are tadpoles, but not nearly as many frogs came to spawn as in previous years so I'm glad to hear other people have some. Does anyone feed them and if so, with what? My pond has no fish but is rather barren. I have spent quite a bit on pond plants but most die off within a year or so and I can't think what the tadpoles find to eat.

26 Mar, 2014

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