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I am looking at creating a HT Rose Bed and have noticed in the J Parkers Catalogue that they have the following 10 varieties for sale at a very reasonable price compared to Garden Nurseries.
Blue Moon
Fragrant Cloud
Harry Whearcroft
Silver Jubilee
Dutch Gold
Lovers Meeting
Double Delight
Ruby Wedding

What I am basically asking is has anyone purchased Roses from parkers and are they good quality and are these particular varieties good roses.

I also note that they have Climbing Roses as well reasonable priced.

Anyone any thoughts/advice please



I have had 3 colours of the Fairy, which is much smaller, from Parkers. They arrived as healthy bare roots and took a year to settle in before looking well, although they are still not as lush-looking as the photos in the catalogue.

My experience of this and many other purchases from them is that the quality is usually fine, but the plants will be young/small (although much more mature than T&M) so will need to be nurtured at first.

The season for planting bare root roses has finished down here on the south coast, so you might need to get a wiggle on if you want to plant them this spring!

25 Mar, 2014


My experience of Parkers is the same as Teadrinker. They seem to be a clearing house for end of year stock and a bit hit and miss on the quality. I now only buy bulbs from them.

25 Mar, 2014


I'm wary of mail order too, look for a local nursery rather than a big garden centre may be better
whats that saying
if it looks too good to be probably is!

25 Mar, 2014


I bought 10 Queen Elizabeths from them years ago. They were bare-rooted and arrived in vg condition. I was very satisfied, and they are still doing well. I agree that the standard may vary, though. I also bought some perennials which were very small, and didn't all thrive.

25 Mar, 2014


I would only buy bulbs from them after needing a magnifying glass to find the blueberry they sent me.

25 Mar, 2014


'Peace' is a lovely rose which has a wonderful scent. I think it appeared at the end of WW1, hence the name. Both that and the Queen Elizabeth, mentioned by Melchisedec are pretty tough. I bought both as bare root plants from outside an ironmonger's so have no idea where they came from originally but both have done really well year after year.

26 Mar, 2014


These are bare root roses and it's late now to purchase these as they are no longer dormant, which I suspect is why they are being offered so cheaply. I think you'd be taking a gamble ordering them from Parkers who are just wholesalers, not a nursery.

We bought 10 bare root roses (not a collection) from Parkers last November and I don't think I'll be using them again. Instead of receiving decent rooted plants with at least 3 sturdy stems, nearly half had to be replaced as they were very poor quality, eg short, stubby roots and/or just 2 spindly stems per rose. Parkers did replace all the poor ones with better quality plants but it was a hassle. My neighbour down the road also ordered roses from Parkers after I recommended them to him on price, before I received my delivery, and he had the same problem.

My advice is pay a bit more and buy from an established rose nursery. Wait until next October to order bare root roses. Alternatively you can buy container grown roses anytime from a garden centre, but you'd be looking at £8 -£10 per plant there if you do.

The best value for money rose nursery I've come across is Handley Rose Nursery. Tel: 01246 432921

27 Mar, 2014


Many thanks for all your advice and replies. I think I will look at purchasing some pot grown varieties from a Nursery where I can view what I am buying rather than take a chance on cheaper mail order varieties.

Thanks again

31 Mar, 2014

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