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By Emmiej

Hi I have these trees/ plants in my front garden, which were already planted. I have no idea what they are or how to look after them. Can I cut them back? They are over hanging my walk way. Any help would be much appreciated many thanks Emma

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I can't give a definitive answer. Could be Cordyline but the base looks thick for the size of crown (unless it has regrown from 2010?) and the leaves slightly wrong color, so may be Yucca rostrata (which are quite valuable at that size). For both if I really had to prune then I would take scissors and cut the leaf back at an angle to keep some shape. So if the leaf is 30cm long cut it back at 15cm and instead so cutting straight across the leaf you cut at 45 degree.

25 Mar, 2014


Thank you for your reply, leafs are prob a metre long so should I prune back to 30cm. I have 6 of them in total. And can I encourage them to grow upwards instead of outwards at all? Many thanks

25 Mar, 2014


Looks like Cordyline in the new pics. You can pull off a lot of the lower leaves, they should come off quite easily. That will form a visible trunk. It grows towards the light, so I guess that is why they are growing into the path. Eventually grow into multi crown 'palm tree' plants, and well above getting in the way of a path.

25 Mar, 2014


I wish I'd seen the earlier pictures, I'm getting the idea there were different ones to start with. Whatever this plant is that I can see the base of in the picture, it ain't a cordyline... that develops a trunk and doesn't have the appearance I'm seeing above.

25 Mar, 2014


Hopefully the OP will come back with more pics. The base does look wrong for a Cordyline, unless the leaves where cut off and not pulled, leaving part of it behind. The base looks far too thick for the height of the plants for a Cordyline, unless it was multistem grow back. Leaves look fine for a Cordy though.

25 Mar, 2014


Certainly looks like a cordyline to me....the lower leaves have just been cut off to give it that appearance

26 Mar, 2014

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