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I had some plumbing problem in my front yard by my house. Some grass was removed, about 7 x 10 ft and because it was all muddy my gardener put new sod down about 5 weeks or so ago. Now slowly there are yellow spots in about 1/3 of the area with the new sod dying. I was watering every day. My gardener said it was caused by stray cats urinating on it. I was upset after paying money for this and he may put down new sod in a few weeks. First he never gave me real instructions about watering and if it is from a cat urinating what can I do.



I have heard of female dogs making grass turn yellow - but cats? Sounds like dodgy turf to me.

26 Mar, 2014


It may be that its not been laid very well - if the soil beneath isn't level and even, or has lots of stones still in it on the surface, its possible that parts of the turves (sods) aren't in contact with the soil - those parts will die. I'd go out and lift one of the worst ones to see what's happening underneath - if its the problem I'm talking about, you should see dying or dead roots beneath the yellow areas.

The other possibility is incorrect watering - best watered with a sprinkler left running for half an hour daily (if there's no rain and its warm) to cover all the areas newly covered with sod. If you've just been going out with the hose and a spray gun, doing it by hand, it may not have been sufficient, but it depends on how warm it is where you are.

Stray cats urinating on it has to be one of the funniest excuses I've heard for poor work, made me laugh... it won't be that, its nonsense.

26 Mar, 2014


Sounds to me as if you had a cowboy gardener, (excuse the pun)

26 Mar, 2014


Could be dogs though?

26 Mar, 2014

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